About PVB

Polyvinyl butyral (or PVB) is a resin usually used for applications that require strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, toughness and flexibility. The major application is laminated safety glass for automobile windshields.

Our mission


A lack of natural resources and their increasingly complicated and financially more demanding accessibility is becoming an all the more significant limit to economic growth. Expenses that individual businesses are made to expend, e.g. on petroleum-based products have increased several-fold in recent times.


When we tack on the ecological side of things and the forthcoming amount and subsequently very complicated disposal of a number of products, which have in some shape or form passed their utility value for customers, we arrive at a huge mass of products that not being able to fulfil their intended use, do all-the-while contain a treasure of hidden potential, which, upon effective utilisation, represent the base for further utilisation and the production of new, often very valuable products which retain their primary qualities, and are likewise able to transfer their quality to new products for a wide range of applications.

This theme made up the cornerstone in the materialisation of the aims of SKLOPAN LIBEREC co., i.e. to utilise used, abused, and discharged auto windscreens.

Our products

We offer a whole range of products for industrial use

Besides shards of glass, which the company can recover in this manner, there is a whole range of other materials which can be re-used in production. That includes, among others, PVB film, which is what gives front safety glass its characteristics.

Polyvinyl Butyral, which is what the product is called, contains in itself residual polymers, which are a key part of its production. It isn’t only Polyvinyl Alcohol, but also Polyvinyl Acetate, i.e. individual stages of productions, which the material pass through in the course of its production and the remains of which remain in its final version. And it is this original composition that pre-determines its original qualities for a wide spectrum of utilisation.

Besides film, pressed into automotive and special building glass, it includes a range of paints, putty, sprays, insulation and an admixture for other materials, whose qualities are qualitatively increased, while maintaining economic advantages.

A highly developed and sophisticated system of cleaning and removing admixtures and remains, especially of glass, provide the opportunity of making film, either of that material or combined with other polymers. That opens the doors to a range of other products which arise from such interesting material and used in a whole range of areas. They all the while gain a whole set of unique qualities, such as flexibility, firmness, elasticity and resistance to penetration.


About us

SKLOPAN LIBEREC, a.s. (joint-stock co.) is involved in the development, structure and production of tailor-made finished products. Besides a whole range of finished products and equipment for the glassworks industry, the company is also able to develop recycling lines for glass. One of the recycling lines is installed at the production plant of ENVY RECYCLING in Stráž pod Ralskem.

The line meets all technical requirements for similar equipment and with its design, modern solutions, and utilisation of all available findings of this sector, it offers equipment which enables acquiring of individual components with the maximum effectiveness and quality that the market demands.

For these individual levels of cleaning individual raw materials which arise during the course of the process, the recycling line for PVB film is incorporated.

The unique technological set that the company of SKLOPAN has developed together with company SAPERATEC, provides for the opportunity to re “mine” the glass and prepare it for a whole range of already mentioned applications.

The first stage of the so-called dry cleaning has been developed by SKLOPAN LIBEREC. The second stage of the so-called wet cleaning has been developed and patented by the German company Saperatec.

SKLOPAN has an exclusive contract with Saperatec regarding the recycling of PVB. Using a wet cleaning system we achieve a final high purity of organic and inorganic substances.

The whole recycling process includes several levels of cleaning with a clearly defined quality of the outstanding parts and thereby the intended utility value, which pre-ordains the possibility of effective utilisation.

It is then the task of each customer to therefore choose the degree that serves their needs, the quality which corresponds to their technology and use.
See the photographs for an initial impression of the product.

Among others, it is verified and, along with the producer and processor of this film, it is practically tested for the ability to use the product for its original use. At the current stage, the share of this raw material in its original mixture is about 20%.


We are looking for new partners


Firms that utilise our semi-finished product for their uses.
Firms that cooperate in the mutual utilisation of the semi-products for their end product.


Traders with the potential to supply our technology to countries outside the EU.
Traders of our semi-products.


Research organisations for the possibility to co-develop a new product.


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